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lots of music

2016-05-10 17:28:02 by zxq1

I have been making tons of music i just havent uploaded in a while. man i cant beleive how long I have been a part of this site. Its like going back to my childhood room when i sign on here.


2015-03-12 14:20:37 by zxq1

Life is a real bitch sometimes but i keep making music when its settled down. leave a post and let me know how you are doing today (:


2015-01-24 09:49:43 by zxq1

I am devoting my life to music production.

happy new year 2014 ftw

2014-01-04 16:00:17 by zxq1

just doin my thing making music and art. hope you are too.

happy day!

2013-05-24 12:12:04 by zxq1

I just graduated high school and i get my diploma soon! now i have a lot more free time to make music.
also, i hope to get some DJ equipment so i can start to do some DJ sets and maybe some performances
of my music. I WISH!


2012-06-28 13:26:14 by zxq1

ok so im Rolf. and this is my account for uploading and getting feedback on my music. i make dubstep and dance type tracks.


2011-12-06 20:21:42 by zxq1

i want to make some sick music!!! :D LEGOOO!!!


2011-08-16 16:39:21 by zxq1

OK!!! if anyone likes techno, you are my friend! (: or dubstep.... i love BOUNC3 too. he is one sexy man. no homo

been finding my new taste. here is it! nary-breaks-rolf

WOWZER mutha fuckin BOWZER

2010-10-22 15:39:28 by zxq1

i have a mini studio now, a tablet and a nice ass fuckin laptop. HP EnVY, upgraded to be so sexy for music. ima makin high quality stuff.

WOWZER mutha fuckin BOWZER